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Today’s episode contains a mixed bag. It has been one of those days that’s been busy but bitty. I’ve not been able to really get into my stride today. Perhaps it’s because of how it all started today. Listen to find out more.

Episode Show Notes…

How A Delay Set In This Morning

I have a daily routine. I’ve spoken about it many times on this podcast so I won’t repeat it here.

But it is supposed to end by 7:30 with me raring to go in the office.

Having a deadline is really powerful way for me to compress my energy and effort to get things done to be ready on time. It usually works 9 times out of 10.

Today was one of those days it didn’t.

I was running slightly behind but could still have met the deadline if I’d rush the cold shower.

But I usually drift around under the hot water for longer than I’d like to admit before I switch to cold for the last 60 seconds or so.

And this morning that was just before 7:30. So I hung around under the warm stream of lovely shower water for a bit longer. And once my watch got past 7:31 the impetus seemed to fizzle out.

So I drifted for another 10 minutes before finally taking the cold plunge.

What Happens When You Lose The Plot

Today I lost the plot a bit.

For some reason I woke up with a completely different schedule in my mind to the one that I’d actually planned and reviewed last night.

I thought interviews were happening when they weren’t. Stuff happened when I didn’t think it was supposed to and I got so distracted by one task that I forgot about something else I was doing.

Took me a while to dial back into reality.

My Other Podcast’s A Porsche

No the title means nothing, it just seemed funny to me when I wrote it.

Well today I did my second interview for a new podcast I am doing about other people’s productivity. It was with a leading Barrister about how he stays productive.

I am going to share more with you about this in a future episode when I formally publish it.

But the reason for mentioning it now is this episode is the first one to be recorded when I am officially published on Spotify, Apple, google podcasts and Stitcher.

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