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Sometimes when I start working on a task it feels like I am wading through mental treacle. In this episode I share my thoughts about that.

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Is My Mind Up To The Job

Today I have been working on bringing onboard a new team member. I have taken on a web developer to build a new site and tidy up my existing sites. My outcome today was to have got everything ready for them to start work tomorrow.

But when I got started, I found myself really struggling to get into the task.

It is Sunday today and I want to get it out of the way as early as possible so I can enjoy at least a partial day of R&R.

But rather than being able to dive in deep to the task immediately to get it done, I found myself struggling to get focused. I found it hard to work out what I really wanted to do and it was difficult to make any traction on the task at all.

My mind was all over the place on everything but the task in hand.

When I tried to get focused my mind would rush off onto everything but what I was trying to work on.

It’s not like this all the time, but when it is, it is frustrating.

Perhaps it’s my mind telling me I should take Sundays off.

Though I did start to look at that a few weeks ago when I re-introduced my weekly review….Agggh! I knew there was something I should have done today!

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