In This Episode…

There is an ebb and flow to the quality and and length of a daily podcast.  Yesterday I snuck in a quick 3 minuter to meet my 7.00pm daily work finish time.  

Well today I had a bit more time to reflect on what I wanted to share with you and when I finished, I realised it was one of the longest episodes I’d done for a while.

I covered quite a few things in this episode including:

  • My mixed feelings about doing such a short episode yesterday but hitting my finish time target.
  • How I hit a wall of overwhelm yesterday and what I’ve done to break through it.
  • An update on how I’m getting on developing my Positive Intelligence quotient (spoiler alert – it’s going well)
  • An episode in distraction even though I should know better.
  • Why I’m going to become a pain in the ass to a friend I’m concerned about.
  • The value of friendship and association with your peers when in business for yourself

Mind Map Summary Of This Episode

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