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It has been a busy but productive day today. Things are moving along nicely and it was one of those ordinary days where I just got on with the work. However I did have a couple of insights come firing my way that I thought I’d share with you.

One is about focus and looking at ti differently, the other is about simplifying my Magnus opus on what a productive identity is all about.

Episode Show Notes…

What Does Focus Mean To You

This morning I was doing my usual morning meditation with the Headspace app when I heard an interesting take on focus. I heard Andy Puddicome (at least I think it is him) talk about how he defines focus.

He says it is more about the absence of distraction than it is about the strength of attention.

This was one of those “I’ve got to think about this more” moments.

It got me thinking about how to develop focus.

It is a question that I’m asked a lot and interestingly, my recommendation always starts with first of all eliminating distractions.

Once you have done that, then it is much easier to focus.

Well when I say it is much easier to focus, it means that you’ve one less thing to worry about

Identity Definition – One Step At A Time

I’ve been reflecting more on developing and shifting my identity to be that of someone with great productive habits.

In episode 281 Laying Down The Identity Of A Highly Productive Person. I listed a large number of characteristics and traits gathered from my own musings and a bit of googling. 

I have a habit of over complicating things and making them vast and difficult and complex. This means many of my great ideas never get implemented.

I could see this heading in the same direction.

So I’ve come up with the MVC concept.

What’s that I hear you ask?

Well it is the Minimum Viable Characteristic.

If I was just to pick one trait to start with, what would it be?

Well for me the one that has resonated the most in the last few days and the one I have been experimenting with is the DO IT NOW approach.

So as a starting point, my MVC is DO IT NOW.

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