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I’ve been pondering on how I describe what I am doing when people ask. It’s also a train of thought I’ve gone down every time I justify to my partner what I’m doing. Using the term “working” doesn’t seem to do it justice.

So I’ve changed it.

Episode Show Notes…

Working or Building?

I don’t know whether I am just a little insecure about my motives for wanting to put a lot of effort in to my work right now or whether I am tired of being defensive about it. But I do feel the “I’m working” explanation for how I am filling my day feels a little lame.

I am reminded of the story about two brick layers who were asked what they were doing. One said he was building a wall, the other said he was building a magnificent cathedral.

So this morning during my meditation, it occurred to me that I was doing myself a disservice by just saying I am working.

I am actually building.

I am building a business, I am building a future, I am building what I hope will become my legacy.

That sounds much better than telling everyone I am working.

Sleep Is Important

I must be tired. I got up at my usual 5:20am after at least 7 hours of sleep and did my normal routine. After a late breakfast with my honey, I felt weary and so had a nap – for 90 minutes. I was surprised how it crept up on my so quickly.

I have just started reading Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams. It seems sleep may be much more important to my health, productivity and even my longevity than I realised.

One Day One Task

After the success of yesterday I decided to focus on one thing today. That was getting the technicals sorted out for my new interview podcast I am starting very shortly.

I managed to get it done quicker than I expected but fell short of achieving everything I wanted to today.

I think part of the problem is that today I neither properly committed to working like a normal working day, nor did I take a good chunk of it off for R&R. As I had feet in both camps, neither took hold of the day.

And so I’m left a little frustrated and annoyed with myself.

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