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I did another interview for my other podcast today with Dietician and Well Being Expert Celynn Morin. We talked about rest and recuperation and how she helps her clients sleep much better. I was amazed and impressed by her approach that I’ll share and summarise in today’s episode.

Episode Show Notes…

The Importance Of Sleep

I asked Celynn what was the biggest downside to not getting enough sleep and I was shocked not only by her answer but by how quickly she answered the question. There was no delay at all in her response. It was instantaneous which to me indicated the significance of her answer.

Not getting enough sleep will lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia. That’s it.

Of course there are all sorts of shorter term consequences of not getting enough quality time on your pillow but over the long haul, lack of sleep is a cause of one of the most dreadful diseases that can befall someone.

The Seasons Approach To Sleep

Our conversation about how to develop quality sleep habits was far ranging but focused on her 4 seasons in one day framework.

  • Spring – This is the time between waking up and engaging in the hustle and bustle of your day
  • Summer – this is how you approach your day
  • Autumn – this is how you wind down from your day.
  • Winter – this is sleep itself.

I am really looking forward to publishing this interview when the new podcast goes live.

But for now, I think it is time for an early night.

Until tomorrow.

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