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Let night I ran a Productivity Masterclass for an Australian Audience. It went very well but because of the time difference I went to bed well past 1:00am. Yet I still chose to get up as usual at 5:00am.

Now why would I do that. I share the answer to that question in this episode.

Episode Show Notes…

3 1/2 hours Sleep… by Choice

Yesterday’s Productivity Masterclass finished at 1:00am this morning. Why so late? Well the target audience was based in Australia and New Zealand and a midday finish for them is a very early/late finish for me.

We didn’t just have Aussies and Kiwis.

We also had people from the US and a couple of fellow Brits who also chose to have a late night/early morning with me.

By the time I had closed down the studio and packed up, it was 1:25am before I got into bed and then at least 20 minutes or so going over the day in my mind before I finally dropped off to sleep.

Part of my content last night talked about the importance of a morning routine. I shared mine which of course begins with getting up at 5:00am. As we closed the session at such a late hour, one of the participants asked me if I was still going to get up at 5:00am.

The answer was yes.

And I did.

It didn’t even cross my mind not to.

Now I am sure I will pay for this later on today as the afternoon unfolds, but a morning routine is a morning routine.

Having the discipline to do things that are good for you, especially when perhaps you don’t feel like it is what separates ordinary from extraordinary.

Maybe we could debate whether only having 3 hours sleep is good for you or not.

It probably isn’t in the long term BUT what is good for my long term success is being able to do things that are uncomfortable in the short term.

Developing and then maintaining the discipline to keep to my morning routine works for me because it is consistent with the identity I am trying to create for myself.

Matthew McConaughy On Impact Theory

I watched Tom Bilyeu’s interview with Matthew McConaughy this morning. What an inspirational guy he is. There were many things that I found extremely valuable from their conversation but two things stood out the most for me:

  • Learn to sit with discomfort
  • “I’d rather be a good man than a nice guy”

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