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I am really pleased to have found the 5 Minute Journal approach (thank you Tim Ferriss) and have continued to use it.  I’m still evolving how I use it but even whilst I develop my abilities with it, it is still highlighting areas I need to work on and things I need to do to enhance my productivity.  

In today’s episode I share what I’m discovering about myself and I explain the psychologically proven strategy I will be using to make sure I automatically complete the 5 Minute Journal behaviour when it needs to be done.  

Behaviour modification at its best.

Mind Map Summary Of This Episode

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    • Florence Arsimoles

      Hi Michael,

      It seems that there’s no podcast at all on this page or am I missing something?

    • Michael

      Hi Florence,

      Once again, thank you for pointing this out. We have just switched the site over to a new version of the theme we are using and it seems it has caused a few errors here and there.

      If you hadn’t pointed it out ,we wouldn’t have spotted it so early.

      I have made the corrections and you’ll find everything is in place now.

      Once again, thank you for your support.



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