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I’d love to say I was a paragon of virtue when it comes to being productive and the effect use and deployment of highly productive tools, techniques and behaviours. However, the reason I’m not is the reason why I do this podcast. But I am seeking the ideal and whilst I’d like to concentrate on the positive, I think it’s sometimes a good idea to recognise the negative.

Episode Show Notes…

My Bad Habits

So far much of this podcast has focused on things to do differently. What I mean by that are things I am not doing now which if I did them would improve my productivity.

What I haven’t really focused on much is things I should stop doing.

After a bit of reflection and bumping into behaviours of mine that are not consistent with my efforts to be productive, I thought I would out them as the first step to dealing with them

  • I do spread myself too thinly.
  • My follow through on things often leaves a lot to be desired
  • If things seem a little difficult on the surface, I’ll resist like mad from diving in and finding out more.
  • I often confuse working all hours to be working effectively.
  • I have a tendency to overcomplicate things to the extent they seem too difficult to do.
  • I will default to the finer detail over getting a handle on the bigger picture.
  • I don’t take enough time for myself.
  • I struggle to battle the shiny object syndrome.

Are they consistent with the identity of someone who is productive?

Definitely not.

So there’s still a bit of work to do here.

However, I don’t think it is about eradicating those behaviours to start with; more about managing them.

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