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There’s a power and an efficiency in finding others who’ve achieved the success you’re after. It today’s episode I share my thoughts on modelling the success of others.

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My Other Podcast’s A Porsche

I’m starting another podcast.

You’d think I’ve already got enough on my plate with this podcast and all the other work I am doing.

Yes, you’re probably right – I have.

But I can see the value in learning from the success of others.

This podcast, the one you’re listening to right now, is a record of my stumbling round trying to develop my productivity.

It’s a trial and error process of applying the things I’ve read in books and watched others talk about either online or live back in the days when you could see a speaker in the flesh.

I’m still a bit hit and miss as I try one idea and then get drawn to another idea. There is definitely an element of the shiny object syndrome going on sometimes…and probably encased in perhaps mild desperation.

Having trod the path, or perhaps should I say having crashed around, flailed around and stumbled along the path, I have a few reference points and war stories I can share about what has worked and what hasn’t.

That in itself is valuable learning for myself and I hope you too.

But I have realised I am probably being both inefficient and ineffective by trying to do it all myself.

So I thought I would tap into the experience and expertise of others and find out what they do to be productive.

You could say I am going to stand on the shoulders of giants as Sir Isaac Newton would say. Although I imagine at this early stage of my journey the giants probably wouldn’t waste their time with me.

So perhaps more realistically I am going to be getting a leg up from people who stand taller than me when it comes to productivity.

Still if they are even just a half step ahead of me I will learn something to help me progress on my journey.

And now I am on the look out for people who are productive in what they do and who are willing to share their ideas and practices.

Well this morning I did my third interview. I’ll keep the details back for when the podcast is going to be formally published, but I thought I’d share the value in asking others about what makes them effective.

There is a huge efficiency in finding someone who has already done the hard graft of working out what works and then has fine tuned it to work for them.

If you can find out exactly what they do, then all you have to do is repeat their steps and in theory you’ll get the same results (if of course you have modelled their actions correctly).

But there is also a huge value in getting someone else’s perspective on things you think you already know.

Today I had a huge aha moment about planning when today’s guest shared how they do it.

It was one of those “Doh! Why didn’t I see that before?” moments.

So it was worth it just for that insight. However I also got a lot more from the conversation and I am really looking forward to sharing it when it goes live in about a month’s time.

The key is to find people of sufficient calibre willing to share. Fortunately I have found that those of the right calibre are those who naturally share anyway.

Until tomorrow.

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