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I love Saturdays. It is still a day of work for me. But, I am free from any external distractions and that means I can focus and concentrate on one task.

And that’s what I did today.

Episode Show Notes…

Creating Repeatable Results

Today I have been focusing on the system and process for the creation of my One Minute Book Recommend. It is the only way to create repeatable results.

The Evolution Of An Idea

My day started out with setting up the processes and systems for my One Minute Book Recommend in the format I had envisaged, and even started to work on. But as I worked on it, I realised that in its current form, it was an open ended activity that had no real business purpose of outcome.

In effect I was back to just putting out content and ideas for the sake of it.

I think the reason was the idea came to me in the midst of the hustle and bustle of my daily and weekly activities. It is definitely a good idea but in hindsight it was ill conceived.

I didn’t really think it through very well. And I suppose that was because I hadn’t applied sufficient quality thought to what I was trying to achieve.

Today I applied myself.

I have a mantra that to have a significant life you need to do more important work in a more focused way, more often and for longer.

And by picking on just my One Minute Book Recommend and committing to nothing else but that today, I was able to give more of myself to the idea. And IMHO, greatness came from it.

What started out as an open ended 60 second video has now evolved into a more sophisticated traffic generation and lead building mechanism that also helps me grow and develop as part of my own journey AND helps others as well.

This was because as I started to think about the processes and the progress of the system so far, I started to ask myself the “So what?” question.

I have a history and an inclination towards over-complicating things.

But I’d heard my friend Frank Furness talk about everything we do in marketing our business has to have a purpose. In it’s first iteration, the One Minute Book Recommend didn’t have that

So now it ticks all the boxes.

Now I think I have probably got to take a couple of steps back and maybe reshoot the videos I have got in the can so far.

I probably also have to rethink the philosophy of which books to choose. I’d only picked the ones that were easy to do a swift recommend. But that is not the purpose of the exercise.

The purpose is to grow and develop from the lessons I pick up from these books and then recommend them to others.

Success Is A Feeling

I’m on a roll at the moment. Things are starting to take shape. What is really interesting is the level of certainty and confidence I have, even in the absence of any obvious progress. I just feel I am on the right track.

Would You Swap A Bad Investment For A Good One?

I’ve been pondering on the concept of not all hours are made equal and I keep coming up with analogies to illustrate the point. I came across a handwritten note I’d made a few days ago that had the seeds of an idea.

The idea is essentially this:

If you had two investments and one was doing well but the other was doing badly, would you cash in the bad one and switch it over to the good one? Probably.

Well it is the same with how you use your hours in the day. If you leave important work until later in the day, you are getting a poorer return on your investment.

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