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Today was going to start well… but I let it start late… and then one thing led to another and the day petered out at the end.

Episode Show Notes…

Atomic Habits

I’ve recently bought a copy of Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is one that I have seen around for a couple of years now but never felt compelled to buy. Just recently it has appeared on my radar a couple of times and has been recommended to me by a few people. So I bought it.

Well the first two chapters were preaching to the choir. The concepts of small changes (which aligns with my Productivity Improvement Operating System) and identity, which has been bugging me just recently, featured prominently. I am really excited to digesting even more of the book and found out how to develop the habits I need.


Today I started my day at 0810. This is some 40 minutes after my target of 0730. Now the earlier time is one I have been meeting regularly for many weeks now. This is because when I was doing my regular LinkedIn posts, I had a 0730 deadline to meet. I met that religiously.

Now that deadline has gone, I have let my activities drift…. It has been very easy to let that happen.

Identity And Cold Showers

For the past couple of days, I really have not wanted to turn the cold water on at the end of my hot shower in the morning. I have soaked under the warm water for much longer than usual because I have been putting off that cold shock treatment I’ve been enduring for months.

However, I have done it.

And the reason?

Well I think it is because I have the identity of a person who has a cold shower at the end of their hot one every morning. And today I stayed consistent with that identity.

Is It OK to Not Feel Like It?

I had a rush of apathy today. My first podcast interview didn’t happen and I seemed to lose momentum. That ended up in apathy rushing over me. Although perhaps apathy doesn’t act that fast. Maybe it crept up slowly over me…. I’m faster than that – perhaps I should have just run away from it?

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