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Today has been a mixed day. Not of fortunes but of work and play. I know it is Sunday but I was up early and working. But…. I spent the afternoon out with friends… and then I worked again.

Listen in to find out what was going on.

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Should I Feel Even More Guilty About Working On A Sunday?

Yes it’s a weekend and just like Saturday yesterday, I have been working again. It’s a choice I make because I’m on a mission. So it was normal early rise and morning routine first thing and then it was straight into work.

And just like yesterday, there is a joy to being able to focus and single handle one task without distraction. So I got some big chunk stuff done today. Again – most satisfying.

It’s Not All Work And No Play – Work Life Integration

But I am managing to start to integrate my life better. Work life balance is a misnomer and these days pretty much impossible in my mind. However you can integrate your life more effectively with a bit of planning.

So even though I was working this morning, this afternoon we took part in a music video shoot for a local musician who is releasing a new single with a salsa vibe. The salsa community I am part of was asked to provide dancers and we were invited.

It was great fun, I got to see a load of dance friends I’d not seen for 5 months and managed to have a good dance (limited to my social bubble of 1 of course).

The Beauty Of Using Something Like Calendly

Efficiency is a word I love and a state of being I really value. I am not sure if it is a natural inclination or whether it is something I’ve learned to appreciate because of my engineering training and military experience.

However, when something flows easily, quickly and effortlessly I really appreciate it. And when it is something that makes my life really easy, then I appreciate it even more.

One of the ways we can waste time is the back and forth between us and someone else trying to set up a meeting or a time to talk. You send a message asking, they send a message back agreeing and asking when am I free. I reply with an option or two and they come back saying they can’t do it and so offer an option of their own. That doesn’t work for me so I go back with another…..and so on.

Well a few months ago I discovered Calendly. It’s not the only service out there that does this but it’s the one I use. I can set up, in advance, slots that are available in my diary. I can send a link to someone who wants to speak to me and they can choose a slot from my availability and book it there and then. And it goes straight into my schedule. Sweet.

I used that today when an old friend asked to speak to me. A simple cut and paste of a link and it was all sorted on my part. Within 10 minutes, they’d booked.

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