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I am always on the look out of ways to be able to get even more done in much less time.  By increasing my levels of efficiency and effectiveness I not only make far more progress quicker, I also get a huge amount of satisfaction from identifying these opportunities.  

In this episode I break down one of the ways I do this and challenge you to see if you can do something similar.

Episode Show Notes

00:07 – Introduction – I am combining two activities to make myself even more effective.

00:25 – The first activity is walking. Here are the reasons why I use walking.

00:58 – How often and when I walk.

01:23 – Walking is a habit many successful people have incorporated into their busy days.

02:07 – I have a couple of presentations I need to rehearse and get word perfect.

03:12 – I am memorising the presentations using the experience and expertise I have in that field (but I do find it quite tedious).

03:51 – The key thing about learning a script isn’t the memorisation of it (putting it into your mind) it is the rehearsal of it (dragging it out of where you have stored it in your mind).

04:16 – I have combined walking with my presentation recall rehearsal.

04:55 – It is working really well and I am actually enjoying the process and even looking forward to doing it.

05:26 – It is a temporary activity because at some point I will have to rehearse properly with the relevant visual aids.

05:37 – I also have to honour the walking so I can take advantage of the benefits of just walking outside regularly.

05:56 – I am now asking myself “What other dead time do I have that I can use to do other useful things as well?

06:42 – What dead time do you have where you could do something similar?

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