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In This Episode…

In this regular review of the last seven days I take you through the main lessons of the week and the things I will do next week to make things even better.  

It has been a humbling week, a frustrating week, but one where lessons have been learnt nevertheless.

Episode Show Notes…

00:23 – Summary of this week’s episodes:

03:22 – It’s not been one of my better weeks and so I am inclined to focus on the mistakes and what went wrong. However I won’t, because this is the breeding ground of:

  • Blame
  • Defensiveness
  • Negativity

03:47 – Here’s what has worked well this week:

  • My approach to email is in place and working very well indeed as reported here.
  • My weekly and daily planning approach is doing the job and focussing my attention really well.
  • I have had the flexibility to adapt my plan as circumstances and priorities have shifted.

05:01 – Looking back on my intentions of things to focus on last week, I have reduced my susceptibility to distraction from YouTube. This is mainly because the Green Bay Packers lost in the play offs (well done 49er’s) and I have lost interest in the impeachment trial because it seems to be a foregone conclusion regardless of whatever is said in the house.

06:21 – Here’s what I can do to make things even better this week:

  • Improve the quality of my planning to take into account the reality of my day and the objectives I want to achieve.

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