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It’s Sunday today so I’ve been experimenting with a Weekly Review

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The Weekly Review

A few years ago I came across the concept of a weekly review whilst undergoing some marketing training with the brilliant Rich Schefren.

As the name implies it is a review that happens every week (doh!)

7 or 8 years ago I was using this a lot and it worked.

Recently I’ve been conscious on having weak follow through on the projects I am undertaking. I am also aware that I seem to be working very hard building stuff but not spending much time reflecting on the progress I am making and the direction I am taking.

So today, I thought I’d experiment with doing a weekly review again.

This morning when I got up, I resisted diving straight into tasks and started by reviewing the things I am doing. Here’s what I looked at:

Step 1 – Review my Outcomes – Long Term, 90 Day

Step 2 – Review Current Projects

Step 3 – Review E Mail

Step 4 – Review Calendar

Step 5 – Tie up Loose Ends and Close off any mental loops

Step 6 – Check The Financials

It was a good place to start and I found it incredibly liberating not to have to dive in to work but to check in with my current projects.

I was able to review the status, refine my goals and plan the week.

It all felt much more relaxed and meant I could finish work for the day much earlier than I’d planned.

It’s something I’ll do every week from now on

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