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In This Episode…

For some reason yesterday I didn’t record a podcast episode. I don’t know why. In today’s episode I conduct a postmortem on what happened to see if I can find the cause and avoid it happening again.

Episode Show Notes…

00:48 – Yesterday was Friday the 13th and for some reason I did’t record an episode of the podcast, despite it being a daily goal. Why?

00:54 – Well I only realised first thing this morning when I woke up and felt something wasn’t right – then it hit me.

01:17 – Initially I was more than annoyed with myself. Then I let that subside to disappointment.

02:04 – When exploring why I had failed to do something I have been on task and doing for so long every day, I could not pinpoint any particular reason.

02:33 – At first I tracked back over the day to see if there was anything that got in the way.

02:50 – It was a busy day but nothing stood out.

03:47 – Shockingly I even had a call with an old business partner and I spent some time telling him about the podcast!

03:54 – Before beating myself up, I should positively reinforce the fact I have only missed two episodes out of 165 – not a bad strike rate – nearly 99% of the time.

04:20 – When I look at my systems, I noticed I did not have doing the podcast on my daily plan for some reason. It was on my Kanban board but for some reason I missed it.

04:54 – A good question to ask is what am I going to do in the future so this does not happen again?

05:00 – The obvious answer is to ensure it goes on my daily plan

Until tomorrow…

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