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In This Episode…

In this episode I review and summarise the key issues that have come out of the podcast episodes this week. These include:

  • How the Main Thing can help reduce information overwhelm
  • A gathering together of my recent discoveries and insights into the Main Thing
  • How I thought it was time to move on to my next important area of development.
  • How wrong I was, and why I was so wrong.
  • A big wake up call for me and a reminder that to know and not to know is not to do.
  • Going a little easier on myself after a good slap on the wrist.

Episode Show Notes…

00:18 – It has been an interesting week that started off on one track, pivoted to another and then returned to the first.

00:35 – On Monday I looked at the importance of knowing your main thing to helping deal with information overwhelm. I shared the 6 step plan I gave to a coaching client about how to deal with information overwhelm.

01:40 – On Tuesday I thought I has having my final say on The Main Thing. It pulled together all of the various strands I’d explored about selecting the Main Thing.

02:43 – On Wednesday I announced that my next area of focus was going to be looking at my energy levels.

03:13 – To kick start my new area of research and activity, I thought I’d do a quick audit of my current energy levels in the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual realms.

03:33 – And then on Friday, I had a bit of a self induced wake up call. I realised I have been paying lip service to the things I have discovered.

04:22 – On Saturday I eased up a little on myself and acknowledged the good work I am doing at the moment even though I might be falling short of my high standards.

It’s going to be an interesting week.

Until tomorrow…

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