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In This Episode

In my weekly summary of the podcast episodes of the last 7 days I share my insights and reflect on the things I have learned. These include:

  • How three corporate work environment trends fly in the face of the benefits that deep work has to offer.
  • The compelling case for why deep work is really the only work approach that makes a difference.
  • How deep work is an opportunity that will set us apart from the mediocre majority.
  • My own experiences of applying a deep work approach to learning scripts for videos about productivity.
  • The right and wrong way of writing out my to do list actions when putting together my daily plans.
  • That I will need to develop routines and rituals to embrace a deep work approach to my activities.

Episode Show Notes

This week has continued to follow the theme of Deep Work from Cal Newport’s excellent book:

00:41 – On Monday in episode 114 I shared the three corporate trends Cal Newport believes fly in the face of the understanding that deep work is the best approach to achieve anything of value. He also explains why it is such a great opportunity for the rest of us.

01:58 – On Tuesday I continue exploring Deep Work and share the neurological, psychological and philosophical cases Cal Newport presents for deep work.

02:29 – In Wednesday’s episode I gave a brief update of my own experiment in doing deep work.

03:35 – On Thursday in episode 117 I shared the results of my own deep work experiment. I have applied a deep work philosophy to learning scripts for a video series I was filming and today, I filmed those videos. In this episode I share the results and take a growth mindset approach to reviewing those results.

04:26 – On Friday I took a slight deviation from the Deep Work theme and looked at a small but significant principle of how to capture things on your to do list. I was doing it wrong and shared why I thought that in this episode.

05:01 – Yesterday (Saturday) I started to reflect on how I can start applying the deep work philosophy more in my own approach to work. I can see that rituals and routines are the way forward and I shared my thoughts on those having taken a sneak preview of the second part of Cal Newport’s book

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