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In my regular weekly summary of what has been happening on the Podcast since my last summary, I share my thoughts and feelings on the key lessons from the last 7 days. Included in these are:

  • My need to extend my time planning horizon to get me even more focused.
  • How I planned my next 3 months and the introduction of my new planning sheets.
  • The Procrastinator’s Creed from the Procrastinators society.
  • A reflective moan on how I seem to be working at a shallow and superficial level – things need to change.
  • An initial exploration on the concept of Deep Work from Cal Newport’s excellent book.
  • What I learnt from my own experiment in Deep Work.

Episode Show Notes

00:21 – On Monday in episode 107 I realised I would need to expand my time planning horizon beyond the week ahead I was using. In this episode I share why I think that.

01:00 – In Tuesday’s episode I created a new set of planning sheets after working on my goals for the next 3 months. These have since proved really helpful.

01:56 – On Wednesday I shared the Procrastinator’s Creed from the Procrastinators Society. Whilst it is very funny, there are a lot of truths in it.

02:27 – In Episode 110 on Thursday, I had a bit of a reflective moan and realised much of my work has been at a shallow and superficial level. I have discovered the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport that I think will help.

03:15 – Episode 111 on Friday was called 111 Diving Into The Deep Work Of Understanding Deep Work – Exploring Cal Newport’s Excellent Book. It was my first exploration into a work ethic I know will do wonders for me.

04:36 – On Saturday I decided to conduct my own Deep Work experiment in learning a script by heart in preparation for a series of videos I am filming this week.

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