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In my weekly summary of the things that have been happening on the podcast in the last 7 days, I share the main lessons of the week.  These include:

  • The key lessons learned from the first 100 days of publishing this podcast.
  • Why I have ruled out a paper based system for managing my to do list.
  • How I have begun using Evernote to manage my reactive commitments to myself.
  • Why I have started a side by side trial between Evernote and Wunderlist.
  • Some key insights from the best advice about managing your to do list.

Episode Show Notes

Here is what has been happening on the podcast in the last 7 days.

00:16 – On Monday it was the 100th Episode of the podcast and I shared 10 things I have learnt about developing my personal productivity over those 100 days. These included:

  • How we have to constantly overcome our natural hardwired tendencies to be more productive.
  • Personal productivity is more about mindset and discipline than tools and tactics.
  • Marginal gains and a growth mindset are also extremely important.

01:32 – In Tuesdays episode (Episode 101) I ruled out a paper based system for my to do list capture.

01:46 – In Episode 102 (Trying Out Evernote To Capture My Reactive To Do’s) on Wednesday I set up a single note in Evernote to use for capturing my personal and professional to dos. An important distinction I made was that I was using the system to capture my reactive commitments to myself and others.

02:39 – On Thursday, I gave an update on how the Evernote system was running. It is early days yet (in fact it’s only been 24 hours), yet already I can feel the benefits of doing it this way.

03:09 – After setting up Evernote to capture my To Do list I realised I wasn’t going to be able to do a balanced comparison unless I ran a side by side trial. So in Friday’s episode, I shared my experience of setting up Wunderlist on my iPhone.

04:07 – With two To Do List mechanisms in place, I chose to use Saturday’s episode to share some of the best tips for To Do Lists gleaned from a quick trawl on line.

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