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In This Episode…

In this weekly summary of what’s been happing in the last 7 days on this podcast, I share the lessons and insights which include:

  • The importance of integrity – do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Another way of evolving and developing an identity for ultimate productivity.
  • Asking how I can combine discipline and spontaneity.
  • The difference between interested and committed.
  • Realising I need to reset how I am approaching the podcast.
  • A reminder of what I am trying to achieve.

Episode Show Notes

00:14 – On Monday in episode 086 I shared a couple of key insights I got from Ben Pakulski, the Bodybuilding Yogi, about integrity. Here are a couple of stand out quotes for me:

It’s when you say, you do.

Ben Pakulski, The Body Building Yogi

You can choose the pain of discipline now, or the pain of regret later.

Ben Pakulski, The Body Building Yogi Quoting Unknown

01:32 – On Tuesday I shared another approach to changing identity. This time it was the approach taken by Dr Joe Dispenza. His approach has more of a neuroscientific feel to it but does blend quite nicely with The Tony Robbins approach I shared in a previous episode.

02:42 – Wednesday’s episode was prompted by a conversation I had with someone about the pros and cons of discipline and spontaneity. Are they mutually exclusive or can you have both?

03:23 – On Thursday, my recent philosophical approach to looking at my productivity shortfalls extending to exploring the difference between being interested and being committed.

03:59 – Friday was a bit of a wake up call about the podcast when I realised I needed to reset and raise my game somewhat.

04:29 – And then yesterday I thought I’d share my thoughts about where I want to take the podcast in support of my other activities to help positively contribute to the world of work.

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