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In my regular weekly review of what has been happening in the podcast I share the key lessons and experiences of the week. These include:

  • How my failure to stick to my morning routine last week was possibly an identity crisis.
  • Good news – my morning routine has recovered from its struggles last week.
  • What I learnt from Tony Robbins about changing my identity.
  • How I used the concept of the Minimum Effective Dose to get back on track.
  • World Productivity Day – Is that something we should really be worrying about on World Refugee Day?
  • What I learnt from the Body Building Yogi about multiple identities.

Episode Show Notes To Follow

00:15 – In Monday’s episode entitled 079 Do I Have An Identity Crisis?, I looked at how my Morning Routine might have been disrupted because I have an identity that allows it to be disrupted.

00:53 – On Tuesday I shared how I got back into doing my morning routine again. It wasn’t what you might think. I didn’t dive straight back into the full routine, I started with something called the Minimum Effective Does (M.E.D.)

01:46 – Wednesday’s episode, 081 What Tony Robbins Taught Me About Understanding & Developing My Identity, I dug a little bit deeper into the identity theme started at the beginning of the week.

02:51 – Unfortunately procrastination still keeps rearing its ugly head and so on Thursday I explained how I got a difficult task started – one I had been putting off – using what I learnt from the Procrastination Equation by Dr Piers Steel.

03:11 – Now Thursday was World Productivity Day but I didn’t discover that until Friday (so much for my awareness about productivity!). So in Friday’s episode, I explored what World Productivity Day actually meant and mulled over whether there were more important issues to become aware of.

03:59 – On Saturday I returned back to the theme of identities and started to look at whether I need to have multiple identities consistent with the different roles I need to play in my life courtesy of Ben Pakulski and Impact Theory.

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