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Last week I allowed my morning routine to be severely disrupted because of a shift in the level of commitments I had. I acknowledged that my approach to productivity may not be robust enough and yesterday hinted that it might be something to do with my identity.

Now whilst I have an internal debate about the pros and cons of what went on and why, I still need to “get back on the horse” and start doing my morning routine again.

In today’s episode I share with you my first step to achieving that.

Episode Show Notes

00:06 – Previous episodes of the podcast that set the scene for today’s episode:

01:04 – What happened this morning when my alarm went off.

01:31 – I have got out of the habit of doing my morning routine.

02:03 – The reason I had HUGE inertia to doing something that only last week was part of my regular morning activity.

02:33 – I had what I consider to be a brilliant brainwave!

02:58 – Why don’t I start small again instead of trying to get back to my previous routine in one big leap?

03:16 – How I felt this morning after “getting back on the horse” (even if it was just a little pony this time!).

04:01 – My recommendation is to start with what I’ve heard referred to as a Minimum Effective Dose (M.E.D.).

04:59 – In the next episode (probably) I’ll start looking at creating the identity necessary for my morning routine to ALWAYS happen.

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