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At the beginning of the week I began an experiment to look at the impact of taking a week’s view in addition to my daily view when planning.  After the first 5 days, the results are in and in this episode I share my experiences of including the weekly plan. 

Episode Show Notes

00:08 – At the beginning of the week I did an episode called 072 This Week’s Experiment – Extending My Planning Time Horizon. I’d found that just focusing on each day had made me more reactive.

00:50 – One of my favourite Tony Robbins’ quotes (I think it is his anyway!):

In the absence of direction, everything becomes relevant.

Tony Robbins

01:11 – At the beginning of the week I decided to extend my time planning horizon to consider what I want to achieve this week.

01:28 – The biggest thing I noticed was the impact on my perspective of what I was trying to achieve. It also allowed me to look ahead and identify potential choke points and blockages.

02:53 – It gave me a better view of my activities in relation to my goals.

03:20 – The higher perspective of what I am trying to achieve means my activities are far more focused.

03:37 – There are things I can do to make this approach even better:

  • Create my weekly plan BEFORE Monday.
  • Add my priority and additional goals for the week to the plan.

04:11 – I might even start doing something similar for the month ahead and for the next quarter.

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