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In This Episode…

In my regular weekly summary of this week’s episodes, I reflect back on the major lessons of the week.  These include:

  • The importance of being brutally honest with myself about how my fixed mindset manifests itself.
  • The two barriers to developing a Growth Mindset identified by Carol Dweck.
  • The single most important skill I need to develop to help me shift my mindset from Fixed to Growth.
  • How I have implemented the IF-THEN rule to help me shift my mindset.
  • The powerful impact of shifting my approach to skill development from proving to improving.
  • The concept of neuroplasticity and my own reference points that my talent is not fixed and that I can develop new skills.
  • The value of conducting live “experiments” to help me shift my mindset.

Episode Show Notes

00:14 – In last week’s summary I committed to focusing my efforts this week on working on developing a Growth Mindset.

00:38 – In Monday’s Episode (065 Fixed Mindset Through The Medium Of Latin Dance) I was brutally honest about how the Fixed Mindset manifests in my behaviour.

01:21 – On Tuesday in 066 Changing My Fixed Mindset – The Next Steps, I shared the 2 blocks to a Growth Mindset identified by Carol Dweck in her landmark book “Mindset”:

  • The inner monologue someone has with themselves about a learning experience.
  • Assumptions that talent is fixed and can’t be developed.

03:07 – Wednesday’s episode was all about my first step to developing a Growth Mindset. It is simply about being more mindful of my behaviours and to become more aware of the thoughts that trigger them.

03:14 – In “Developing A Growth Mindset – The First Shift Has Happened” on Thursday, I shared my experiences of experimenting with new dance moves. This was probably my favourite episode so far for the impact my experiences had on me.

05:01 – Here is the key quote from episode 068 that pretty much sums up my experience:

I also noticed something really, really interesting.

By trying this out multiple times, I failed. By failing multiple times. I noticed. By noticing multiple times I learned what I needed to do. By learning multiple times I developed a new approach. By approaching it differently multiple times, I got better.

I’m saying it now as it is a statement of the obvious. But until I experienced it, I couldn’t really know it.

Episode 068 The Profit Productivity Podcast

06:11 – On Friday I had a quick look at neuroplasticity and recounted some of my own references of how I have learned and developed.

07:07 – Yesterday, I decided I would do a “live” experiment and record my podcast in segments during the day whilst I was at a Dance event.

08:19 – Although I have been addressing my Fixed Mindset through the medium of latin dance, it is important to realise it is just a metaphor – I have exactly the same challenges in my work life too.

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