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In This Episode…

As it is the end of the week I do my usual summary of the week’s episodes, highlighting the key lessons and takeaways for me from my activities to develop my personal productivity. These include:

  • What I learned from allowing new tasks into my daily schedule at short notice (it’s called the Bunching Effect).
  • Key insights from Carol Dweck about how to change from a fixed to growth mindset.
  • Why you should have a priority list and not a list of priorities.
  • A really simple trick to help me double down on a couple of tasks to increase my efficiency.
  • The anatomy of a procrastinated task – how I created a mental monster from something quite trivial.
  • The results of my (now 9 week) time tracking experiment.

Episode Show Notes

00:07 – It is amazing how quickly the year passes. I can’t believe it is June already!

00:25 – In Monday’s episode (058) I shared my experience of adding a “good idea” task to my things to do AFTER I had planned my day and how I had let the day slip away from me.

01:02 – The lead domino reference is from a story about Tim Ferris.

01:59 – On Tuesday in episode 059 I shared what I’d learnt from Carol Dweck’s book Mindset on how to change from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset.

02:43 – I now realise I have to face up to everything I have been running away from for so long – setbacks, challenges, criticism and failure…Gulp!

02:59 -Episode 060 on Wednesday shared a really simple yet profound piece of advice from Tom Bilyeu (Impact Theory).

03:40 – Have a priority list, not a list of priorities.

04:37 – On Thursday I recorded an episode with the title “Here’s something simple working for me right now that makes me much more efficient

05:12 – I have combined walking with rehearsing my presentations.

05:26 – In Friday’s episode I shared the anatomy of a procrastinated task. As I am embarrassed by that, the less said about it the better!

06:10 – As well as trying to be informative and holding me accountable, this podcast is also a form of therapy for me!

06:20 – I’ve come to realise the importance of having the right identity consistent with what I am trying to achieve.

06:59 – In episode 063 on Saturday I shared the results of tracking my time for 9 nine weeks. Time spent on important projects has tripled just because I have monitored it.

08:08 – Despite setting an intention to focus on developing my Growth Mindset, I allowed other things to get in the way.

08:33 – I have not followed Tom Bilyeu’s advice I shared with you in episode 060.

09:09 – This week I am committing to making the development of my Growth Mindset a priority.

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