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In today’s episode I share how I let my day drift and allowed all of my tasks to bunch up at the end of the day.  This was because I added something in at the last minute and didn’t take anything out of my plan to compensate.  In this episode I describe all and (thanks to Tim Ferris) explain what I am going to do about it in future.

Episode Show Notes

00:13 – How I had planned my day today as usual.

00:29 – My “brilliant” idea to add something else to my daily to do list.

01:20 – How I allowed distractions into my day (even though I know how to keep them out!)

01:45 – The net effect on my day of adding something else last minute and not replacing something already there.

02:08 – How I am planning my tasks in relation to the time each should take is all WRONG!

03:00 – Energy depletion in the brain as the day goes on will affect my productivity.

03:40 – Tim Ferris and his “Lead Domino” principle.

04:50 – What I learned from today’s experience.

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