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In This Episode…

In my regular weekly summary of the activities on this podcast, I share the highlights of the week.  These include:

  • A failed experiment in trying to do two things at once but what I learned anyway.
  • Context Switching – the reason why multi-tasking is so inefficient and one potential solution.
  • A reflection on how the podcast is going.
  • A deeper dive into the principles underpinning a growth mindset.
  • An embarrassing revelation of my own about having a Fixed Mindset.

Episode Show Notes

00:15 – In episode 051 on Monday I shared my approach to dealing with an “Either-Or” decision by trying to do both.

01:20 – On Tuesday I explained what context switching was and why it was the reason that multi-tasking is an inefficient and effective approach to work.

02:11 – In episode 053 on Wednesday I took the time to reflect on how the podcast is going. I looked at the original purpose and came to the conclusion that things are going well so far.

02:53 – On Thursday I explained why I was going to focus on developing a Growth Mindset to help me improve my productivity skills and in Friday’s episode I explained the difference between a Fixed and a Growth Mindset.

03:16 – In Saturday’s episode I laid out the compelling evidence that I have a Fixed Mindset.

03:48 – My biggest challenge in deciding what to focus on (and how I overcame it).

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