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In This Episode…

In this landmark podcast episode (50th consecutive daily episode), I share a brief summary of the week’s activities together with the key lessons learned.  These include:

  • IF-THEN Planning works, but you have to evolve it over time.
  • The importance of procedures and processes to improve efficiency and reduce cognitive load.
  • A powerful quote from Tim Ferris.
  • The importance of a morning routine and how mine has evolved.

Episode Show Notes

00:06 – This is the 50th episode of the podcast representing 50 consecutive days developing my personal productivity.

00:56 – On Monday in episode 044 I shared how IF-THEN planning is working really well for me. I also explain the research behind this powerful technique.

02:37 – A reminder of my Pyramid Of Personal Productivity.

03:10 – In episode 045 I explained how I first encountered the importance of systems and processes as a young lieutenant in the Royal Naval Submarine Service.

03:53 – Tim Ferris said “If you don’t have time, you don’t have priorities“. In this episode I share my thoughts on this powerful quote.

04:22 – Thursday is just another ordinary day.

04:38 – The importance of a morning routine was Friday’s episode (048). I also take the time to explain how my morning routine has evolved over the last three months.

05:42 – Yesterday I shared how I am evolving my IF-THEN planning approach to doing my journal after experiencing a situation where my original IF-THEN rule didn’t work.

06:34 – My focus for the coming week.

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