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In This Episode

One of the things that has really helped me become more productive this year is to consciously create a morning routine.

In this episode I look at the importance of a morning routine and share how mine has evolved from barely getting out of bed to one that now includes stretching, yoga, strength conditioning, meditation and breathing exercises.

I even explain how I managed to incorporate cold showers too (and I absolutely HATE the cold!)

Episode Show Notes

00:07 – Today’s episode is about the importance of a morning routine.

00:31 – What happens when you go to Amazon and search for books with the phrase “Morning Routine For Success”

01:04 – My inspirations for the use of a morning routine.

01:51 – Why have a morning routine?

02:31 – Why different people will have different morning routines – there is no one size fits all.

03:16 – How my morning routine evolved – it started with just getting out of bed on time!

04:57 – How I added an exercise regime into my morning routine.

08:26 – Why I added meditation to my morning routine.

09:41 – The inclusion of the Wim Hof method – breathing exercises and cold showers!

11:05 – How I gradually got used to having a cold shower in the morning (and I HATE the cold!).

13:16 – How I have benefited from doing these activities every morning.

14:13 – How I am going to develop my routine even further and add a mental and emotional components.

15:42 – How you can start developing your own morning routine.

16:45 – I notice the difference to my day when I don’t do these things when I first get up.

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