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In This Episode…

In this summary of the week’s episodes I share my insights and the lessons learnt about the following:

  • How my weekly SCRUM retrospective identified a consistent problem.
  • How I was not following through on the commitments I had made to myself and the consequences of that.
  • The importance to journalling to developing my productivity.
  • Why just starting a new habit is not enough – it needs reinforcing.
  • A review of the book “9 Things Successful People Do Differently” by Heidi Grant Halvorson.
  • Applying the lessons of “9 Things…” to developing my journalling habit.

Episode Show Notes

00:19 – Monday’s episode was about my SCRUM retrospective that identified I wasn’t following up on some of the commitments I was making to myself.

00:55 – On Tuesday I explored the importance of micro-commitments and looked at which ones I was not following through on and explored what I could do about it.

01:44 – In episode 039 on Wednesday I looked at the importance of journalling to my endeavour to improve my own productivity.

01:59 – On Thursday I reported my journalling activities had begun but recognised I needed a way to reinforce it as a habit.

02:43 – On Friday I took the opportunity to review Heidi Grant Halvorson’s excellent book “9 Things Successful People Do Differently“.

03:16 – Saturday’s episode looked at how I was going to apply the lessons from “9 Things…” to developing my journalling habit.

03:39 – This has been a focused week that has concentrated on effectively dealing with one problem – how to make journalling a habit.

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