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In This Episode…

I have just completed my third sprint for my latest project and so take the opportunity in this episode to review the lessons learnt from the latest retrospective. ¬†Unfortunately it isn’t all positive, however I am learning a lot from the process and am becoming far more aware of my potential downfalls.

Episode Show Notes

00:28 – My velocity score has improved from last week’s low of 4 to a more respectable 7.

01:00 – There is a definite correlation between the hours worked on the project and the velocity score. One hour of dedicated effort equates to 1 on the velocity scale.

02:05 – Here are the things that have worked well this week for me.

03:52 – I discuss the things that could have gone better.

05:12 – The one thing I am going to focus on to make the sprint even better next week.

06:14 – Doing this retrospective has highlighted I am not following through on the micro-commitments I am making to improve the process.

08:35 – Identifying this weakness in the approach to my work is actually a positive thing because it means I am self aware.

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