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In This Episode…

In this weeks regular summary of the episodes of the last 7 days I share my insights in the following:

  • The use of a Current Reality Tree for a cause and effect analysis of human behaviour.
  • How I identified two major constraints in my progress to becoming even more productive.
  • A powerful brain friendly goal setting technique.
  • How my first attempt at applying the brain friendly goal setting technique was a failure.
  • What I learned from that failure.
  • How weird stuff happening to me might actually be explained in psychological terms.
  • How procrastination can be described in the form of a simple equation.

Episode Show Notes

00:12 – In last week’s summary I identified a lack of discipline might not be the cause of my slipping standards. As a result I decided to do a cause and effect analysis.

00:53 – Episode 030 explained how a Current Reality Tree (from the theory of constraints) can be used for a behavioural cause and effect analysis.

01:44 – Episode 031 shared my experience of applying a Current Reality Tree process to analysing why I was putting things off.

02:31 – I identified two constraints – I did not have clear goals and I have a fixed mindset.

02:54 – I chose to focus on my goals first and found a brain friendly goal setting process from a book called Innercise by John Assaraf.

03:52 – In episode 033 I shared my first attempt at applying this goal setting process to my own goals. Unfortunately it did not go as well as I would have liked and I explain why.

04:53 – A story of an amazing coincidence about my goal setting experience.

05:28 – In Friday’s episode I talked about more weird stuff happening and provided what could be a sound psychological explanation for it.

06:17 – I share the Procrastination Equation from the book by Dr Piers Steel.

06:37 – My thoughts on an interesting week – the things that have gone well.

07:49 – I think I am trying to do too many things.

08:39 – Overall I am pleased with my progress.

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