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Today’s episode is one of mixed metaphors. My productivity development needs a boost. Or perhaps it needs a revamp. Or maybe its a complete rethink.

Not sure what it is, but I know something needs to change and that is what today’s episode is all about.

Episode Show Notes…

Mixing My Metaphors

I’ve been talking about going upstream as a metaphor for finding the root cause of a problem. Because we are wired to be automatically reactive, we’ll often jump on the obvious and address that. But that isn’t always the problem.

I’m reminded of a different metaphor that illustrates the same point. Years ago when I got my first car as a teenager. It was a metallic blue Fiat Strada and it was a complete rust bucket.

I spent many hour rubbing down the bodywork to get to the rust that I’d then treat before applying the primer, undercoat and then the top coat.

I discovered quite quickly that I needed to treat the rust properly before covering up the blemishes. I couldn’t just paint over them because the rust would quickly force it’s way through again.

I think my current efforts to become more productive align with a mixture of both metaphors.

I’m dealing with the surface level challenges affecting my productivity by applying techniques and tools to raise my productive game.

But that’s just like trying to paint over the rust.

I really need to go upstream and get to the source of the problem.

So that when I apply the nice new lick of paint, the bodywork is bright and shiny and is going to stay that way.

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