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I sometimes find that new beginnings often trigger a degree of self reflection. It is the first of the month today and that prompted me to engage in a little bit of honesty.

There is a dissatisfaction with the effort I am putting in. I know I am working hard, but I don’t think it is enough.

Episode Show Notes…

Where Does The Time Go?

I can’t believe it is September already? It only seems like yesterday we first went into lockdown – that was 6 months ago.

Ready To Start The Day

As I type this, it is 10:45am. And I’ve not started any of my main tasks today. I have been caught up in doing my LinkedIn posting activities followed by a sales training session. I then got sucked into my e mail as I saw a couple of things that (I felt) needed my attention.

And perhaps the best of me has been depleted by activities that are not my main thing. I think keeping track of the loading and the impact on these early parts of the day is crucial for me.

Now I feel less inclined to dive in to what I need to dive in to. That’s the benefit of starting things first thing in the morning – I can dive in immediately.

3 hours on from when I am available to start work, I still haven’t properly started and I feel it is going to be harder to start. Do I have to man up or do I have to use my mini-momentum walkabouts that worked so well yesterday.

Do You Ever Forget What You Were Busy Doing?

It has been one of those days where I was busy doing something but I can’t remember what. After finding myself three hours in, I started to work on my presentation for a masterclass I am doing later in the week.

I saw that a rehearsal had snuck into my schedule without me realising it and I had an hour or so to get ready.

I did that but the rehearsal was more of a technical check up than anything. Tomorrow is going to be the rehearsal.

I Got Fully Absorbed In A Task

And then I spent the afternoon completely absorbed in working on updating my resources for the delivery of my masterclass. I lost track of time.

I was in a different world. One where my focus and concentration was completely on the task in hand. This is a state I’d like to get in to more often.

Am I Doing Enough

I have been reflecting today that I’m probably not doing enough. Now if you have listened to the last few episodes you’ll have heard just how hard I am working.

However I am not sure whether I have completely dived in and committed to it. I find myself cherry picking the best tasks , putting off the ones I find distasteful until I absolutely HAVE to do them.

So I am questioning whether I am really doing enough. I am claiming to be a peak performance productivity specialist but I would say my approach is mediocre, perhaps slightly above average if I am honest.

I have routines that I follow when I feel like it rather than systematically. I am avoiding tasks that I know I should do but I can get away with delaying just another day.

What will it take?

I don’t know! Well I think I do… I am perhaps just avoiding it.. at least for a little longer anyway.

I don’t think it is an effort thing, I think it is more of a mindset issue

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