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In today’s episode I talk about recognising the need for systems and processes for managing my social media activities.  

I’ve been busy on my LinkedIn profile here and as it is the first day, I can see how easy it could be to become overwhelmed and slip into being reactive.  

I allowed this to happen to see the impact of not taking control of this activity.  I share the lessons learnt by doing this.  

Listen and discover whether that was a good idea or not.  You’ll also hear the principles I have applied to doing this that can be applied to any routine activities you find yourself engaged in.

Episode Transcript

Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of the Profit Productivity Podcast. It’s your host, Michael Tipper. Who else would it be?

Now today has been a really interesting day for me because I’ve started a new series of marketing activities, primarily using LinkedIn.

I’ve been posting, commenting on posts and have started to look at developing new connections and monitoring those people who view my profile.

The understanding is that if they viewed my profile, they are potentially interested in me, either out of curiosity or maybe even potentially using me as a provider of my services.

So there’s been a lot of activity there. I’ve been looking at who’s viewed my profile so I can send them a message with a link to a welcome video about me.

I’ve reviewed those people who’ve wanted to connect, with me responding and okaying those connections.

If I want to connect with people, then I’ve been sending them a short message with a video that introduces me. I’ve also been commenting and then re-commenting on posts.

So there’s a lot of stuff going on here.

I’ve Realised How Easy It Is To Get Overwhelmed

The big challenge with all of this is it’d be quite easy to get overwhelmed if I try to do it piecemeal throughout the day.

So this has been the first real day, that I’ve had such a huge volume of stuff to do. I have dabbled with it throughout the day. I’ve been checking stuff, checking responses, going in, looking at notifications and responding to them.

It’s been really interesting getting insights into just how reactive I can become if I allow what I have to do in terms of my work, trigger us into activity rather than me take control of that work.

And so today I allowed that to happen because I anticipated that would be the case.

What I’ve done today is I’ve been monitoring what I’ve been doing and starting to see where I need to ring fence time.

I specifically need to set aside time in the morning, to publish my post and comment on other people’s posts. I also need to make specific time to follow up with the comments on my post.

I’ve also got to schedule in time for dealing with any messages that come through as well as scheduling time for reviewing who has reviewed my profile and then sending them a message.

I’m going to focus on doing specific activities in small chunks of time so that it doesn’t consume the day or act as an unnecessary distraction to take me off the things I need to do.

This will become transactional once I get into the flow of doing it.

It’s a necessary stage for me to move forward and to grow my business. This is going to be ongoing stuff.

Now, at some point I may get a member of my team to start working on that. Once I’ve established what the process is and once I can trust someone to can go into my LinkedIn profile.

Evolving How I Operate My New LinkedIn System Will Take Time

But for now, whilst I do it, it is a bit of a learning process.

I am going to be slightly overwhelmed and swamped with it at the moment until I take charge of it and until I get used to the system and the processes I’ve put in place.

Once I’ve got used to them, they will operate, automatically and seamlessly.

Of course, there’ll be an evolution as I get them even better and fine tune them, but that will take time.

But once they’re in place, I will look back at this being another good step creating another building block in the foundation of developing this business.

So the principles here are:

  • Understanding what it is you have to deal with,
  • going with the flow and seeing what problems that arise from doing that,
  • identifying how you can systemise it and write checklists for it,
  • be able to focus on it and put it into a routine so that it’s part of your day.

Doing this allows you to then move on to other stuff that’s important to you.

So that’s today’s episode.

Until tomorrow.

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