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I love a good system. They give certainty, predictability, consistency and confidence when put together properly. I’m creating one now but I am faced with a dilemma that might just be holding me back from diving in and getting things done… or at least it would have done in the past.

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A Dilemma That Would Have Stopped The Old Me

I’m developing a new system at the moment.

It doesn’t really matter what the system is because it’s irrelevant.

What is important is that I’ve been facing a bit of paralysis of analysis.

Being naturally analytical, I have been pondering deeply on how the system should work.

And that has been my problem.

I’ve been trying to look for the perfect solution.

I can’t help it. It is the planner in me. It is the perfectionist in me. It takes over sometimes.

But it has tied me up in all sorts of mental knots as I think about this way and that way.

The problem is, there are too many unknown variables.

Which means I either have to assume OR I have to wait until unknowns turn themselves into knowns.

…at least that’s what the old me would have done.

I’d have let the paralysis of analysis kick in and bring my efforts to a grinding halt.

I would have needed the way forward to be clear before I’d take any concrete action.
But that’s the old me.

The new, more resurgent me is taking a much different approach.

I am doing something that would have freaked me out even just a few months ago.

I am taking steps forward even though I don’t have all the information.

I am working a system that is incomplete to see what happens.

And do you know what…. No one has died….no one has got upset…. But I have learnt a lot.

I started to work a partial system because I needed to make some progress.

And actually that was the best thing I could have done.

Because I have taken a few steps further down the path, more information, stuff that was just round the corner, has come into view.

Had I not take those steps on faith, the small bit of certainty that has now appeared would never have revealed itself.

I feel like Harrison Ford crossing the “invisible bridge” as Indiana Jones when he finds his way to the hidden treasure.

By taking that first step on faith, the next step appeared.

And that has given me confidence to take more steps and see where that leads me.

Which means I am making progress on a new system that the old me would never have experienced.


Until tomorrow.

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