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In today’s episode I explore whether you should look at striving towards your goals and the achievement of your success as being a marathon or a sprint.

I thought I knew what the answer was but was astonished at the conclusion I drew.

Check it out for yourself and see if you agree with me.

Episode Show Notes…

00:26 – There is no such thing as an overnight success. It’s usually the result of many years of sustained effort with many failures along the way.

01:16 – The (Social) Media would have you believe there are lots of shortcuts to success:

  • A short cut to this…
  • Instant results for that…
  • The fastest way to…

01:30 – Unfortunately our brain is hardwired to find this attractive – the novelty of the idea and the immediate reward that can be achieved with little energy expended on our part.

02:13 – The reality is anything of value is likely to be the result of consistent and sustained effort over a prolonged period of time (See my review of Deep Work by Cal Newport).

02:40 – This would imply that success is a marathon – however that is not the case.

03:24 – Does that mean the achievement of success is a sprint? Well no, because we can’t sustain that pace over the length of time necessary.

03:42 – I believe it is a marathon of sprints. Short bursts of focused activity spread over a long period of time with sufficient recovery after each.

04:03 – You’l get clarity, urgency, focus and will build a critical mass that moves you towards success.

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