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In this episode I reflect on my recent work activity and the impact that has had on the podcast and the development of my productivity. I ponder the question about whether I should focus on tactics and tools or should I just nail the fundamentals before I start trying to be too sophisticated.

Episode Show Notes…

00:16 – The background to this episode is I have become acutely aware of how easy it is to get distracted and caught up in the moment. The immediacy and urgency of the things closest to you are extremely alluring to the brain.

00:57 – Just recently a few distractions have got in the way of my march towards greater levels of productivity:

  • I’ve been on the road delivering live seminars for a couple of weeks
  • The seminars I have been delivering have been tangental to my focus on productivity.

02:22 – So overall, I’ve allowed a busy delivery schedule to knock me off track.

02:40 – A recent theme on this podcast has been getting greater clarity on what my main thing is so I could target my longer term focus.

03:10 – I thought I had nailed that and started to switch my attention to improving my energy levels. But then I realised that whilst I knew what to do about my main thing, I wasn’t actually doing it.

03:30 – It has been interesting watch myself erratically swing from one topic to another on this podcast. As a result it has become fragmented.

04:31 – Whilst reflecting back on yesterday’s episode recorded in Paris, I could see from a content view, the quality of the podcast dipped somewhat. However as it has a dual purpose (helping you and keeping me accountable), it helped me reflect on what is going wrong.

05:14 – I have spotted that I keep getting distracted by the next new idea about developing my productivity.

06:05 – The problem is that I am doing a lot of researching and reading but not enough implementing and developing myself. It was something I was addressing with the delegates in yesterday’s session – I should take my own medicine!!!

06:28 – Having spotted this, I wondered whether the answer to sustained growth and ongoing productivity is to nail the fundamentals and then focus on them.

07:00 – If you take any high performance athlete (eg an NFL quarterback) then there are fundamentals they will have nailed. Their high performance is based on the strong foundation of sound fundamentals.

08:14 – I wondered whether my ongoing search for more and more ideas about productivity was making things more complicated than they needed to be.

08:44 – It is an interesting (internal) debate I am going to have on this topic.

08:52 – Looking to the future I am now past the distractions that have taken me away from developing my personal productivity. The future is for me to continue my development and put together my keynote speech on the topic.

09:31 – I will also be developing this podcast too and start interviewing other experts in this field.

10:23 – What I have to keep reminding myself is that it is a journey and an evolution of my skills. Just in the last 12 months I have made MASSIVE progress.

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