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In This Episode…

In this episode I have decided to go back to basics and look at what I already know about goal setting. I cover:

  • Why goal setting is the obvious place to start.
  • My few past successes and many failures in achieving my goals.
  • How I initially reached out to my personal library of success literature but then stopped myself.
  • The fundamentals of goal setting I gleaned from the years of self development I’ve inflicted on myself.

Episode Show Notes…

00:16 – Background to this episode. I realised I wasn’t fully doing what I knew I needed to do. See episodes 158 and 159.

01:06 – The obvious place for me to start is to look at goal setting again.

01:15 – I have been both successful and have failed with goals I have set. My most noticeable success was winning the silver medal in the World Memory Championships.

01:53 – I do have some goals for my business but they are more of a rough outline of things I want to have in place.

02:21 – When I realised I needed to look at goal setting, my first inclination was to go to my personal library of success literature and remind myself what those books said about goal setting. But I realised I probably know as much as I need to know.

02:41 – So I thought I’d use this episode to remind myself of the fundamentals of goal setting I’ve learned over the years of my investment in self development.

  • Define exactly what it is you want in the future.
  • Describe it in exquisite detail as though it already exists.
  • Make sure you write down your goals.
  • Review them daily by visualising them and imagining them as already being achieved.
  • Identify the stepping stone goals to bridge the gap between then and now.
  • Use mental contrasting to increase the necessity to act.
  • Visualise yourself taking the actions necessary to achieve the goals.

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