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In this episode I muse over whether I’m digging a bit too deep in trying to develop my productivity.

Episode Show Notes…

00:09 – The original plan for this episode was for me to explore the concept of my productive identity. This is in the context of spending the las week or so looking at other ways to reduce the huge menu of options of things to do down to exactly what I need to do right now.

00:45 – This week I have looked at the following concepts:

  • Stephen Covey’s “The Main Thing”.
  • The Wheel of Life.
  • Values and their impact on personal productivity.

01:28 – Exploring my productive identity seemed to be the next logical step. I think it was Tony Robbins who said we will consistently perform to within + or – 10% of who be believe ourselves to be.

01:44 – If you have the identity of someone who is fundamentally lazy, when you start something, it is highly likely your efforts will drop off quite quickly.

02:00 – Similarly if you have an identity of someone who is a Go-Getter, if you find yourself confined to your bed through illness, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get back into the mix as quickly as you can.

02:26 – It is important to judge someone not by what or who they say they are, but by what they actually do.

02:43 – For me personally, I like to think I am a productive, go-getting kind of guy. But I have often let things slip, especially over the last couple of years [which BTW is why I am doing this podcast and taking this journey].

02:51 – I think there are some issues about my identity that I feel I need to explore at some point. But I think for now, I think I might have gone down a bit of a rabbit hole by looking at what shapes who I am.

03:37 – There is merit in doing this deeper work of examining believes, values and identity. But that effort will be more of a slow burn.

04:30 – When I do start looking at identity, I will no doubt use visualisation and affirmations to help develop and deepen one that supports my productive aspirations.

04:49 – For now I might just keep that part of my journey on the back burner, or at least to myself, because it might be a little too deep for some.

04:54 – Just identifying the Main Thing might be the 20% that will have 80% of the impact.

05:04 – But if I do align my values, beliefs and identity with more productive behaviours then perhaps the efforts I am currently making will feel less conflicted with who I (embarrassingly) suspect I actually am.

05:35 – At the moment I am depending on my personal discipline to drive my productive behaviour…. which can be quite tiring.

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