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Exploring the principle of Deep Work with Cal Newport’s book has been a revelation to me. As well as opening up a world I sort of knew existed, it has also made me realised just how mentally unprepared I am to dive deep. I share my thoughts on this in this episode.

Episode Show Notes

00:14 – Introduction – exploring Cal Newport’s excellent book “Deep Work” has been an absolute revelation for me.

01:21 – However it has made me realise I’m just not ready for deep work after trying out an experiment in productive meditation.

01:30 – It has made me realised that I struggle to focus, I am too thinly spread, I lack discipline and I have settled in to a comfort zone of mental mediocrity. I have become comfortable with being comfortable.

02:34 – I have tried to expand my thoughts without expanding my thinking.

02:52 – It feels like I have hit a limit to my thinking which is why I feel like a mental wreck. I’m at the edge of my current abilities and to stretch more, I have to grow more.

04:03 – I’ll need to do that if I want to shift from mental mediocrity to mental magnificence (yes I cringed as I said that too!)

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