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I’ve been putting off the task of doing my accounts for weeks now. But circumstances and deadlines finally forced me to knuckle down and get on with it.

Of course, I resisted and bitched and moaned about it, but eventually I got through it. I’ll share some of the things I did that helped.

Episode Show Notes…

What Is The Rhythm Of Your Work?

I was pondering on this during my morning meditation, though it has been something on my mind for a few days. Perhaps though, rhythm might night be the right phrase. Maybe it is more of a heart beat.

I’ve notice I have two different “rhythms”. One the one hand I am rushing around frantically, trying to do many things – usually too much. The tasks are usually relatively trivial and are reactionary. On the other hand when I get into a structured rhythm, things plod along but there is a consistency that sets up a momentum which usually results in something significant being created.

Yesterday I was coaching someone as part of my weekly productivity surgery and her challenge was trying to spread her efforts across 4 significant projects and an online global community that she runs. We discussed how to structure her day and it reminded me of my own thoughts on having a heartbeat to my work.

There is going to be a balance between reactive short term tasks and more proactive longer term tasks. Striking that balance is the key


I referenced the acronym PPPPP in a comment on a LinkedIn post the other day. In that context it was Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Today I was mulling over some thoughts having pondered on the rhythm of my work and I thought about PPPPP in a different context. I wondered whether having a Purpose drove my Planning to create Projects that created Processes that automated much of the work I have to do. The fifth P is about People.

Sometimes You Have To Invest Time To Save Time

Today I spent some time setting up push button text printing of the key accounting codes that I use for my costs and receipts. I find that the whole thing is a real pain to process and keep track of my receipts and so they build up. This means that my poor book keeper has to do things last minute and often has to nag me.

So today I put in some effort to remove the friction associated with the task. I created a series of preset buttons on my fabulous Elgato Stream Deck so the code could be typed out immediately at the press of a button.

It took about 40 minutes, but the time and angst it will save me in the future will be immeasurable.

After using it for most of the day, it is practically a game changer!!

One day One Task

I am a big fan of the book Deep Work by Cal Newport that majors on focusing our efforts on big tasks in large chunks of time. This is where my mantra of Do More Important Work In A More Focused Way, More Often And For Longer came from.

Today I have been solely focused on getting my end of year accounts sorted out and putting in place the systems, processes, behaviours and perhaps even the mindset for successfully managing the money that I earn and spend in my business.

When I reframed the days activities into putting together a system, I actually got quite excited by the prospect.

Hacks For The Jobs You Hate

So it’s been about sorting out my accounts today. A job I hate. So here are the things I have done to day to get on top of this task:

  1. Regular 6 minute mini-hikes to keep forward momentum
  2. Gamification to see how long it takes to do 10 e mails – 9:45, 16:47 & 6:36 for the first 30.
  3. Applying a form of pomodoro with stints of work then short break, but doing some housework during the short break.
  4. Manning up and just getting on with it.

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