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In This Episode…

In my weekly summary of the podcast episode of the last 7 days I share my key insights and lessons gleaned from a week of continuing my journey to develop my personal productivity. These include:

  • Understanding the four different approaches to deep work (according to Cal Newport).
  • 4 Questions that need answering in order to make the most of your deep work sessions.
  • The Four Disciplines of Execution – four things to help your execution of deep work.
  • How taking time out form work actually helps you produce more, better quality work.
  • How concentration is a skill that can be developed (and not a habit you can simply turn on and off).
  • Learning to fall in love with your work engages the most powerful part of your brain and helps you eradicate procrastination and any resistance you have to doing deep work.
  • How to use walks to help develop your concentration.
  • A reminder of how activities I was once world class at (no seriously I was) are recommended to help develop mental abilities.
  • It’s easier to talk about thinking around a professional challenge than actually doing it.

Episode Show Notes

00:22 – In episode 121 I shared my thoughts on Cal Newport’s 1st rule of deep work – Work Deeply. An interesting look at the four approaches to deep work, 4 questions to ask yourself and 4 disciplines of execution. Overall a powerful chapter in an excellent book.

02:50 – On Tuesday I shared my thoughts on Cal Newport’s 2nd rule of Deep Work – Embrace Boredom. An interesting take on how to manage distraction and develop your concentration.

04:00 – In episode 123 I took a slight detour from Cal Newport and shared insights gleaned from a Sam Ovens video on overcoming procrastination. It contained one of the most profound insights (“Doh! Of Course…!”) on the topic I have yet seen.

05:48 – Back to Deep Work in episode 124 and two strategies stood out:

  • Productive meditation (a simple approach to harnessing walking down time)
  • Memorise a pack of 52 playing cards (something I used to be able to do at a World Class level).

07:42 – In Episode 125 I thought I would try out productive meditation on one of my own professional challenges as an experiment in mental training – I failed miserably!

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