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A few weeks ago I carried out an experiment to extend my time planning horizon beyond the next 24 hours. I chose a week, conducted the experiment and it worked.

Now having run with that for a few weeks, I realise I need to go even further into the future when planning what I do. In this episode I explain why.

Episode Show Notes To Follow

00:14 – In episode 072, This Week’s Experiment, Extending My Time Planning Horizon, I talked about needing to look beyond my daily focus of planning what I needed to do.

00:54 – In episode 077 I reported how successful that experiment had been because of the longer term perspective I now have when planning my days.

01:19 – I now realise the challenge I had when I was looking at a daily planning horizon has now repeated itself but at the weekly level. I need to extend my planning horizon again.

01:31 – How long do I extend it to:

  • 1 month?
  • 3 months
  • 1 year?
  • 5 years?

02:50 – I now have to sit back and think about where I want to be in the next 5 years and use that as a guiding light to plan my activities.

03:17 – Here is a great quote from Chip and Dan Heath:

Resistance is often the lack of clarity

Chip and Dan Heath

03:35 – The next step is to get even clearer on my longer term goals and put them into an actionable plan.

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