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In yesterday’s episode I started pondering on the need for having some form of to do list to supplement how I currently capture, decide and plan what to do.

Today I consider what that might look like as I define what it needs to do for me before I start looking for an actual solution.

Episode Show Notes

00:40 – There are many options I for creating a to do list system.

01:01 – I am reminded of the fact that no one wants a drill – they just want the hole it produces.

01:22 – I realised I needed to define what I want a to do list system to do for me.

01:48 – It needs to integrate with my existing system of daily and weekly plans, established processes and major projects.

03:11 – Fundamentally the to do list system I am looking for needs to be able to capture the reactive commitments I make to myself and to others.

03:24 – It needs to be:

  • Quick to use
  • Easy to use
  • Available wherever I am (implying a smartphone app).

04:22 – David Allen’s 2 Minute Rule from his Getting Things Done methodology is an important concept, but it may not be effective if it is taken too far. It is an easy short term option that might not be in our best long term interests.

06:16 – The other main benefit of having a system to capture my reactive commitments is that it frees up my mental head space.

06:59 – The mechanism for implementing this is irrelevant – I just need to choose one that works for me and does what I need it to do.

07:12 – My next step is to explore what options there are that will give me what I am after from a to do list.

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