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This week I have committed to re-focusing my efforts on developing a growth mindset.  In today’s episode I thought I would share exactly how my Fixed Mindset manifests itself in my attempts to learn a variety of latin dance styles.  

I am brutally honest about my experiences and had to think twice about whether I share this episode with you… but I decided to risk vulnerability and publish it.  It is a great example of how a Fixed Mindset is indeed like having a brake on your ability to learn, grow and develop.

Episode Show Notes

00:25 – Previous episodes featuring Fixed and Growth Mindset:

01:07 – Why I want to use my experience of learning to dance Salsa as a way of demonstrating my Fixed Mindset.

02:33 – Even though I have become a reasonably proficient dancer, I feel my progress has been like moving forward with the brake firmly on. I feel I have endured the process rather than enjoyed it!

03:00 – The anatomy of a typical latin dance class.

  • Warm up
  • Dance class
  • Social dancing

03:45 – The warm up and how my Fixed Mindset shows up here.

06:04 – How my Fixed Mindset manifests itself during an actual class.

09:28 – Social dancing is really where my Fixed Mindset shows through.

12:58 – Everything I have described manifested itself in a single dance class just yesterday!

15:01 – What I think is going on underneath the Fixed Mindset that is contributing to it.

16:22 – Why I am willing to be vulnerable and share my experiences of having a Fixed Mindset.

16:49 – My favourite Joke (courtesy of Alan Pease) to lighten the mood a bit!

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