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I always enjoy working with a group and sharing the things I’ve learned that can help people deal with their productivity challenges. Today I ran a Productivity Masterclass. After I conducted my own internal after action review. This is an important step I recommend for any business, regardless of what they do. I explain why in today’s episode.

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My Productivity Masterclass – How Did It Go?

Yesterday I spent a long time sharing how I prepare for a productivity masterclass. Well I ran it this morning. So how did it go?

Well judging by the way the group interacted with me, the questions they asked and the way they did the activities I gave them, it went well. Initial feedback from the host also said it was well received.

So good news then.

I’ll get the full lowdown on how it went on Friday. I’ll keep you posted.

OPEX – Learning From Experience – Win Learn Change

One of the biggest leaps forward in my own personal growth over the last few years has been the discovery of the growth mindset. Carol Dweck’s seminal book “Mindset” and Matthew Syed’s fabulous book “Bounce” introduced me to the concept of the talent myth.

A key part of the growth mindset is the willingness to take feedback (good and bad) and grow from it. Over the last few years I’ve seen the process applied effectively in a number of contexts. Each has a different name for it. OPEX was the term used in the Nuclear Industry for example. Win Learn Change is more of a personal development term. Can’t recall where I heard the LFE (learning from experience) for the first time.

But the principles are pretty much the same regardless of how it is named.

For maximum effect, a positive reinforcement approach gives the best results. It isn’t about beating someone up for getting things wrong. Mistakes do have to be corrected, but as much focus needs to be placed on what went well so it can be repeated.

Suggestions for improvement should be exactly that.

So today I did my own “After Action Review” on the session and analysed what went well and what I’d do to make things even better.

I spend some time doing this, as well as capturing the preparations and all of the resources I used in Evernote. That way I can go back and see what I did before if I am ever invited to speak to this group again.

Taking My Own Medicine

I’d love to say I live my material every minute of the day 24/7. However that would be a lie. And to be honest it’s not possible. Like you I am infected with the human condition which means my hardwiring and neurochemistry are geared up to encouraging distraction and procrastination.

However my work has lead me to understand what is going on, certainly for myself anyway, and more importantly, what I can do about it.

So every time I dish out advice to help others, I am also listening to myself.

And today was no different.

After sharing ideas and strategies to help deal with procrastination, overwhelm and distraction, I find myself at the end of the day self auditing to see how I’m doing in those areas.

Generally I am doing pretty well with the occasional brain fart where things run away from me. However what I’ve realised is I’m probably too thinly stretched at the moment. I need to rein my efforts in to focus on fewer things.

So this afternoon I spent a little time getting clearer on what my main thing is right now.

That was time well spent.

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