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In my last episode with a Growth Mindset theme, I shared why I thought I had a Fixed Mindset.  In today’s episode I have once again dipped into Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset” to find out what I need to do to change to a Growth Mindset.  In this episode I explore beliefs, the relevance of cognitive therapy techniques, the inner dialogue we have and the unsettling consequence of changing to a Growth Mindset that no one else (apart from Dr Dweck) appear to be talking about.

Episode Show Notes

00:15 – Today’s episode is about changing from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset.

00:35 – I have returned to chapter 8 of Carol Dweck’s Book “Mindset” – it’s the chapter called “Changing Mindsets”.

01:12 – Our beliefs are at the root cause of many of our problems.

01:48 – The principles of cognitive therapy can be used to change our beliefs.

02:18 – A Fixed Mindset person has an inner dialogue that is constantly judging – “This means I’m….”

03:04 – A Growth Mindset person has an inner dialogue that asks “What can I learn and how can I improve?”

03:27 – Cognitive Therapy techniques can turn a judgemental inner monologue into one that’s more growth oriented. (NLP calls this reframing).

04:28 – An example of the shift from Fixed to Growth Mindset taken from Carol Dweck’s book.

06:49 – The challenge of shifting your mindset from Fixed to Growth is I’ll have to face up to many of the things I’ve been running from for most of my life – challenge, obstacles, struggle, criticism and setbacks…. “Gulp!”

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